Google Adsense account on an E-Commerce website-good or not?

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Tech Tips | 0 comments

While Google Adsense account is a great way of earning through website traffic, people might wonder if we can do the same for e-commerce websites?

Well, you might be able to! But there are some things to note while doing so.

Let’s see some of the facts before we decide whether we should add a Google Adsense account on our E-Commerce platform.

Google Adsense account on product page

A product page is meant to be a place where your potential customers can view your products and select between them.

Adding an Adsense code and viewing an ad on that page can be a disaster for you if you don’t do it right. You should first take into account the aesthetics of your product page, if it is suitable to put an ad anywhere on the product page, then you should go for it, otherwise leave it.

You should only consider adding an Adsense code above, below, or on the sidebar of the page. Adding an ad between the products might result in making the visitors confused, thus might lower the conversion rate.

Google Adsense on homepage

When somebody lands on your webpage, most probably the first thing they’ll see is your homepage.

People generally visit the homepage expecting to see any changes in your products, any new items, or any new offers on existing products.

Adding an Adsense on your homepage will make your E-commerce website look like you’re not much of an authentic website and might want to spam people.

The best suggestion to add on a homepage is to add only things that you have on your website and the things you offer. Advertising your own products there is the best suggestion you can do.

This will make your website look more authentic and good-looking.

Google Adwords on E-Commerce blogposts

Some E-commerce websites include a blogpost category on their website where they share various facts, product reviews, use cases of products, etc.

While they might be confused at some point, that it is a blog post after all, so why not monetize it?

Well, you can monetize it if you want, but you should keep in mind that most people who are visiting your blog posts, might be your customers one day. So, keeping this in mind, you should make a blog post look as simple and easy to read as possible while making it look clean and professional.

You can add Adsense advertisements on the sidebar or below the post, but adding too many and in between the post is not the best idea.

On the other note, you can make a completely separate website for your E-commerce blog posts or use a sub-domain starting with “blogs.”. It will make things easier to navigate and you will have a different place for blogging, making things simpler for the end-user too.

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