How to earn money from YouTube without a channel for free

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You might be thinking, How is that possible? How can we earn money from youtube if we don’t even have a channel?

Well, it is possible. Not directly, but it is!

Before you know how monetization can be done, first you should know about the medium we are going to use.

We will be using a website called Add Me Fast. It is not a direct approach to earning through YouTube, but you can use it as a medium to earn through your other mediums.

About AddMeFast

Basically, Add Me Fast works like an engagement exchange marketplace. It is based on a point system in which you get points for giving engagement in someone’s social post/profile/YouTube video. After that, you can use those points and set CPC on your posts for engagements.

That’s okay, but how would it help you earn from YouTube?

Basically, gives you a variety of options to earn points, which you can use to promote your social media, your blog, your YouTube videos, or even a landing page with affiliate branding. The possibilities are endless!

You can even use it to increase views in your Likee, TikTok accounts and give your account an instant boost.

But it all doesn’t come for free, you need to spend your time to earn your engagements. Or there’s a premium you need to pay if you don’t wanna spend your time on it. But in my opinion, spending an hour or two to get a whole day of engagements is not a bad idea. In fact, you don’t need to sit and watch all of the videos, you can do it while working on any other work along with it.

But keep in mind, is a platform that is strict against bots. So, to keep things in check, they occasionally check for bots via Captcha, even in between watching videos. You might think of it as a downside but it’s not. In fact, it means that all the users on the platform are real, and all the engagements you’ll get would be real as well!

Not only you can earn points via watching YouTube Videos, but there are also many options like:

  • Facebook Likes/ Shares/ Followers/ Post Like/ Post Share
  • Telegram Channels
  • Instagram Followers/ Likes
  • TikTok Followers/ Video Likes
  • Twitter Followers/ Tweets/ Retweets/ Likes
  • YouTube Subscribe/ Likes/ Views
  • Twitch Followers
  • Website Hits
  • Pinterest Save/ Followers
  • Likee Followers/ Fans
  • SoundCloud Likes/ Follow/ Plays
  • Vkontakte Groups/ Pages
  • Likes
  • Group Join
  • Reverbnation Fans

The above are all the methods you can use to earn points, however, I prefer watching YouTube Videos as it requires fewer clicks and lets you focus on your other works at the same time.

One thing to keep in mind is if you’ve logged in to your Google Account on your browser, all the views will get saved on your history. I personally prefer to use incognito mode for the task.

Let’s check out the process of using

How to Earn Money from Youtube using

The process is simple. These are the steps involved:

  • Go to
  • You’ll see a page where you need to complete a Captcha. Complete it.
  • Go to Registration.
  • Register using Email and set a password.
  • An Email confirmation would be sent and after verifying your account would be activated.
  • Login using Email and Password.
  • Now go to My Sites and choose what you want to promote. You will get 200 points to start with.
  • If you want to earn more points, you need to go to the homepage>Free Points and you’ll see all the options mentioned above.
  • That’s it, You’re done!

Now you’ll be able to promote your website, blogs, social media, etc for free and earn from the monetization methods you’ve used there, or get more engagements.

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