How to Earn Money from Your Andriod Phone

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Wouldn’t it be great if you can earn something from your phone? But how to earn money on phone? Well, you probably would have searched for it for a long time but all you got was people asking you to play some games or complete some task for the chance to win money or prizes. It is always a method to promote their product with a very low chance to earn anything out of it.

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But, what if I tell you that you can earn money from your phone by just receiving messages on your phone and nothing else?

Well, that’s true! I’m going to tell you two methods through which you might earn decent money by just activating these methods and just sit back and relax while keeping it running in the background.

The idea behind these apps is that these companies want to check their communicability all around the world, so they need people who can volunteer them in the task. So all you need to do is volunteer them in the task and they’ll pay you for it for each message you answer. The best part is that all these two methods are completely free and it is available worldwide.

Let’s check out these two methods:

Money SMS App

Money SMS is an app that allows you to earn money just for receiving SMS generated by their system and customers. You just need to install the app, sign up for it using your phone number and you’ll start to earn after it.

You need to note that a proper internet connection is required all the time with the application running in the background.

Also, it has a referral program in which if you refer it to your friend, you’ll get 30% of what they earn, it is a huge bonus and you can end up earning a lot by just referring to your friends.

Sadly, it is only available for Android users, and iOS is currently not supported yet. It might be in the future. Also, it is only available on its official site and not on the Play Store or anywhere else. You just need to go on and download the application from there.

For some users, it might not be available on their network as they support a certain number of users per network. They can subscribe to email updates and they will be updated once registration is available on the network.


McMoney is similar to the one I told you about before. Their website is a lot detailed and you would know all the processes going through it once.

You need to open on your phone and install the app. After that, you just need to go through the registration process and you start to earn money on phone. You can use the referral code TU4HPMQN to get a jumpstart.

Similarly, it is also just supported on Android. It reads the incoming messages from the messages app, but the operating system iOS blocks this signal. So McMoney simply doesn’t work on iPhones.

It also has a referral program which you can use to earn a lot more.

McMoney also takes limited registrations per network, so if you can’t register because of that, you need to wait for the registration to start on your network.

Like MoneySMSApp, McMoney is also free to register and available worldwide.

Both these apps won’t give you a ton of money as they give you a small amount per SMS, but both of them are completely automatic and passive. That means you can even be earning money when you’re sleeping or doing nothing at all. But there is a possibility to earn a good income from it if you manage to do the ‘side hustles i.e. referrals.

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